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Setting up Framed forwarding of your domain name

Framed forwarding is a very simple way of "pointing" your domain name to your web site on theimagefile, however it is not good for search engine optimisation. If this domain name is your main web site your should set up redirection using a CNAME record (see Using direct hosting). Redirecting using a CNAME is advantageous for search engine optimisation and bookmarking of your web site pages.

To set up Framed Forwarding you will need to own a domain name (see Domain Name Registration).

  1. You need to edit some settings so that your domain name forwards (points) to your site at theimagefile, and also to make sure that your email gets sent on to your normal email address.

  2. From within your domain name registrar web site (for example NamesCo) account, select "Domains and Services" from the control panel, and then select "Forwarding Settings".

    This will open a control panel for the forwarding or pointing of your domain name.

  3. Copy the "URL" from My Websites -> Main -> Pages -> Edit Web Pages. If you are forwarding to the home page you should select the page you have selected as your home page, or if to a particular page of your web site then select the link for that particular page. To get the URL click "Link" to the right of the page name.

    Paste that URL into the "URL to forward to" in your NamesCo account.

  4. Scroll down the page and ensure that you have "Display Banner" set to "No".

  5. Scroll down a little more and add your normal email address to the "Catch-all" address. This will send all email that anyone sends to your new domain address be forwarded on to your normal email account.

  6. Now hit the Update Button to save all your settings.

Note: it can take up to 72 hours for your new domain name to propagate around the Internet. If it does not work immediately, please be patient. If you have followed the steps above, it will get there. Do not edit the page unless you are sure you have made an error. This 72-hour delay happens only when you are first setting up your domain. Once your domain name is visible to everyone on the Internet, then any changes you make to your site here will be visible immediately to all visitors.

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