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Using direct hosting

First, a few definitions:

Direct hosting is better than framed forwarding (Setting up Framed forwarding of your domain name) because it allows your visitors to more easily bookmark and link to your pages. It will also give you higher rankings in search engines.

Follow these instructions to set up direct hosting.

Switching to direct hosting will impact user accounts that your customers may have created. Customers create user accounts when they view your "Corporate Clients" area and when they purchase stock images from your "Stock Library" area.

Customers who access your images via standard hosting or framed forwarding are connecting directly to theimagefile servers. Their user accounts are created in the core theimagefile user account database. These "core user accounts" have the ability to view Corporate Clients files and purchase stock for any photographer hosted on this server.

With direct hosting, on the other hand, customers connect directly to your site. Their core theimagefile account will not be available. Your customer will need to create a new account in a partitioned user account database which is specific to your company. With this "partitioned user account", your customer may view Corporate Clients files and purchase stock only from you, not from other photographers hosted on this server.


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