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Using the iframe site layout

The iframe My Websites > Main > Customise Design > Site Layout > Select Site Layout can help if you have an external site which embeds your branded web pages using a frame, iframe or pop-up window.

This layout displays no Site Header, Site Footer, or navigation menu. A 5-pixel right margin creates some space between the content and a possible right-hand scrollbar; there is no padding or margin on the other sides.

On web pages with a side image, the side image has a 2-pixel border in Panel 2 colour. Everything else uses the Page Background colours.

The sales pages require a content width of about 750 pixels - this will vary depending on the font selected. The following code is for an iframe 760 pixels square

You will need to change the iframe source (currently to the Default URL found from: My Websites > Main > Domain Name and Settings.

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