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Our History

Starting in 2000 theimagefile has been providing an unrivalled web solution for photographers. Originally created to deliver digital files to clients worldwide from commercial shoots theimagefile quickly became the system of choice by publishing, marketing and advertising companies to receive files quickly on demand from anywhere in the world. After regular requests from other photographers for the same functionality, theimagefile was launched. Over a decade of development later, and listening carefully to our users and customers' requests, together with the new possibilities presented by shifting technology theimagefile is now a full online system for the photographer to store, display, proof, sell in 16 currencies and deliver their work, in a fast and cost-effective way. As the complete system is web based, users do not require any web or coding experience and never need to manage software updates or back-ups.


Our Team


James Duncan - Managing Director

James worked for over 20 years in commercial photography, before co-founding Theimagefile in 2000. He's passionate about Theimagefile and the success of its members and enjoys being involved in all aspects of the company. Always a laugh in the office and a cracker of jokes he'll talk to anyone who will listen (maybe that's why he's always the last to finish lunch!). He's always ready for a cup of Earl Grey tea, can never have Supertramp on loud enough and is a great lover of pies.


Madeleine - Head of Design

Madeleine has been part of Theimagefile since early on and is now heavily involved in designing our photographers' bespoke websites. She originally trained as a tennis coach before becoming a photographic stylist in London, a talent which comes into its own on Theimagefile.  Known as a great listener, advice giver and finder of lost objects, she's an avid admirer of big skies, loves gardening adores hydrangaes and lavender.




Reuben - Software Development

Reuben manages the code supporting your websites & galleries.  He's been a passionate programmer since the early 1990's.  He worked on some of the earliest open source tools for building dynamic websites, and decades later is still enthusiastic about the Internet's potential to connect individuals with a global audience.  Reuben is interested in math, chess, cryptography, road trips, 80's cars and 80's music.  He enjoys coffee & breakfast at any hour.


Rich - Sales and Marketing Consultant

Richard is our sales and marketing guru, having joined theimagefile back in 2009.  He’s the one who you will see manning the stand or holding talks at various different events across the UK, trying to tempt new custumers to sign up for a trial.  He loves meeting people and helping dispel the myths that web sites are complicated.  A keen sportsman, you may also see him kicking a ball about on the football pitch or pounding the streets running.




Gary - Systems Administrator

Despite Gary's looks, at heart he's a big teddy bear. In his time, Gary has been everything from a motor racing engineer to a wedding and portrait photographer and is therefore a valuable asset to the company.  He now keeps all systems running at Theimagefile and is the company's Mr Fix It, king of banter and a master of practical jokes. With his collie dog he is a country boy at heart, as well as a motor racing nut.


Jim - Technical Design and User Interface

Jim, also known as App Man, was schooled in both England and France, speaking fluent French which (according to him) impresses the girls in the office greatly. A huge asset to Theimagefile with his infinite knowledge of anything technical and his experience in CAD, Sketchup, and Photoshop. If you ever have a problem..."you can get an app for that". Jim is renowned for being a rockabilly rebel, having a lifelong need for an American truck and a constantly tendered quiff.




Elsa  - Social Media

Elsa studied French, Spanish and Art History before graduating in Interior Design from the National Design Academy. She has now joined Theimagefile to head social media.  Renowned for always feeling the cold, her typing speed and being able to tirelessly recite the whole plot (including dialogue) of any film known to man...She's up for anything that involves chips or praline, is a die-hard top and scarf buyer and a true believer in unicorns.


Caroline - Press and PR

Caroline worked in accounting for years before finding her true calling of press and public relations. Her social demeanor makes her a joy in the office and she keeps everyone in check with her amazing organizational skills. While she may say she was born to be a McFlurry tester, she's also known to make a mean curry, have the loudest laugh in the room, the highest score in jewel mania and some amazing 80's moves (oh sorry, "grooves").