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School Photographers Work flow

theimagefile has launched a new on-line solution, in partnership with Dadfords Print Processing, to school photographers. Most schools nowadays require an on-line method for parents to view and select school photo packs and pay directly. The principal reason for this is so that the process is hassle-free for the teachers and administration staff and the admin tasks are passed over to you, the photographer. As we are all in the service industry we all know that when our customer's requirements change, our workflows must match. So, we have launched a super easy, cost effective solution. No special software, time consuming set-up or expensive licenses are required to enable your on-line orders as those hurdles have all been sorted for you.


It makes it easy to:

⦁    Use traditional proofing cards designed and printed for you
⦁    Use a password per child, class or school - It's up to you!
⦁    Sell great value packs and include extras to increase sales
⦁    Select multiple pose options
⦁    Set an order cut-off date to encourage highest order values
⦁    Create real-time online sale reports
⦁    Enjoy 0% commission on sales with direct payments.

This is an incredibly easy and simple way of managing and producing quality school photos that will be profitable and hassle-free for you and your client.

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