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Getting the message out

Don't make your photos your best kept secret!  Once you have uploaded your photo collection you need to announce it to your clients to let them know about it.  Depending on the imagery will depend on who and how many people you tell.  If it is fine art you want the whole world to know, whereas sensitive private photographs should be announced to just your client.  

Thinking of ways to increase your business marketing is usually fun, creative and beneficial but getting that message out there to the people that buy from you is always the harder part of the job. So here are a few pointers to get you on your way. Feel free to send in your own suggestions to add to the list!

  • Using promotional emails to advertise to your customers. This will display a targeted advert, for example, "Valentine's Day offers" to only your existing customers. The benefit of this is that your existing clients have used your services before and therefore will be more inclined to book you again. Help: Public Email Header

  • Update your website header to include an advert, announcement or special offer. This is an area of your website receives a lot of traffic from existing and new customers so will be seen by a lot of people in a short space of time. Help: Upload your logo

  • Use your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts and any other social media channels you use to update your followers. By posting a targeted advert you are more likely to receive repeat business and new commissions.

  • Email mailing list. If you have an opt-in subscribers list for email notifications this is a great way to get the message out there. Send an email detailing your offers. There are many email service options out there, mailchimp, constant contact or madmimi being just a few you should research. Don't forget you can use the Tools > Marketing > Email Export Tool for customer and visitor email lists

  • Write a blog post -if you don't already have a blog it is a great way to keep your site visitors updated and following your business activities, as well as increasing your search engine indexability. Add a post to your blog and drive traffic using the tools suggested above to that blog post. However, you should keep this regularly updated or your client base may presume you are no longer active. Remember you can create a fully functioning WordPress blog within your account on theimagefile: Go to My Websites > Pages > Create New Web Page - Wordpress Blog

  • Get a mention in your local press and radio. Write a press release and send it to all local newspaper publishers. Make sure you have contacted them first to ensure you have the correct name and contact details. Sending a well-written piece to the wrong place will not get you anywhere. Also, consider contacting your local radio station to see if you can get a mention or interview. They are often looking for small filler articles of local interest.

  • Try promoting on other websites. Some other websites will also have an interest in featuring your offer if it is a benefit to their readership visitors. Tailoring your offer to include the benefit is a good way to work your way into a free mention or hyperlink.

  • Consider getting a short print run of flyers. Deliver to shops, schools, maternity groups, house-to-house or wherever your audience go, visit, meet, eat.

  • Tell everyone you know and get them to tell everyone they know. Personal recommendation is always the best and cheapest advertising!

Remember you can copy-n-paste the Friendly URL for a collection of a single image to social media, your blog post or a page on your website.