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How to brand your PayPal account

This article explains how to add your branding to your PayPal account — it is not essential to do this to set up your sales through PayPal.

Using the options available you can change the page colours your visitors see when they arrive on the PayPal payment pages; you should also use the credit card statement name to display your company name on your customers card statement to prevent confusion and prevent charge-backs.

First, upload your logo with a maximum size of 190 pixels wide by 60 pixels high to My Websites > Pages > Images for Text Editor. Copy the URL for sites with SSL

Now log into your PayPal account and go to your Profile

Click Profile and Settings > Custom Payment pages then "Add"

Give the new profile a unique name (normal characters only - no spaces)

and add the URL of your "Logo Image URL" shown on enhanced checkout pages

Do the same with the "Header Image URL" shown on classic checkout pages


Postage Calculations — from your PayPal account follow Profile -> Selling Preferences -> Postage Calculations

All postage calculations on PayPal should be set to zero, as theimagefile system will add the postage charges from your price plan settings.

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